The ultimate creative concrete

Lafarge Tarmac offer a wide choice of specialist colours. However, if your project requires a specific colour that you cannot find, our team will work with you to ensure we match it, depending on size of the application.

Architects, designers and engineers around the world are constantly looking for fresh materials that will enable them to create structures in new and different ways. The beauty of concrete is that as well as being extremely strong and durable, it is also highly versatile. There’s no better example of this than Toptint, the ultimate range of creative concretes


  1. Choice of finishes

    Toptint is available in an array of colours, patterns and textures helping you achieve everything from the natural look to highly polished aesthetics and prints simulating the look of brick, wood and stone.

  2. Wide range of colours

    Toptint Colour contains an integral colour pigment which is UV stable meaning that the colour will not degrade from natural sunlight. Also because we use a liquid pigment, the colour is evenly mixed throughout the concrete.

  3. Flexibility

    As we design your mix to suit the application we can ensure that the right solution is used. Depending on the application Toptint can prove to be an easier and quicker to lay product.

  4. Easy to lay

    Toptint concrete is as simple to lay as conventional concrete.

  5. Highly durable

    As Toptint colour is integral to the mix it is a long lasting and frost-resistant solution, requiring little on-going maintenance making it a more sustainable long term solution.

Product range

  1. Toptint Exposed

    A robust exterior concrete with a graveled finish

  2. Toptint Colour

    A collection of concretes in a wide palette of colours

  3. Toptint Print

    A lifelike range of textural pavements, stone and natural effect finishes

  4. Toptint Polish

    A smooth texture like polished marble for use indoors and outdoors

  5. Toptint Stone

    This looks and feels like natural stone in every detail

Case studies


Toptint Exposed Wicksteed Park

With Toptint Exposed, Lafarge Tarmac were able to offer a concrete that was suitable for purpose, aesthetically pleasing and in addition, as the original specification would have been extremely expensive to produce (due to lack of materials that could be locally sourced), Lafarge Tarmac were able to further value engineer the project by offering a cost saving to the customer with Toptint Exposed using locally sourced aggregate which helped to reach project sustainability targets as well.


Toptint South Shields

By providing the training and demonstrations to the team that would be working with the materials, Lafarge Tarmac was able to accurately achieve the perfect concrete mixes and deliver a result that delighted the client and the local community.

BIM object

Click to download our BIM object for Toptint. For more information or to make it specific for your project contact

Carbon Footprint

We’re serious about managing and reducing the carbon footprint of our products and our business, and helping our customers to do the same. We take a whole life approach, which considers the impact of our products over their entire life-cycle, from extraction, production and transport, to performance in use, maintenance and final recycling or re-use. The majority of emissions from the built environment come from the “in use” phase, where our products bring many benefits. All our products are durable, extending the in use phase and minimising maintenance requirements.

Establishing the embodied emissions are the first part of the journey towards understanding the whole life emissions of a project. Lafarge Tarmac’s Carbon Footprint Calculator enables calculation of the embodied emissions of our products and services.

Whilst we have provided an example footprint for this product it should be noted that the actual footprint for our product delivered to your site will be different. Our calculation process considers not only the manufacturing processes used to create the product but also its source location and your site location to provide the complete picture. For more information please click here or for a footprint specific to your site and your chosen product please email

Download the Toptint Carbon Footprint Example (pdf, 308kb)

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