The ultimate creative concrete

Lafarge Tarmac offer a wide choice of specialist colours. However, if your project requires a specific colour that you cannot find, our team will work with you to ensure we match it, depending on size of the application.

Architects, designers and engineers around the world are constantly looking for fresh materials that will enable them to create structures in new and different ways. The beauty of concrete is that as well as being extremely strong and durable, it is also highly versatile. There’s no better example of this than Artevia, the ultimate range of creative concretes


  1. Choice of finishes

    Artevia is available in an array of colours, patterns and textures helping you achieve everything from the natural look to highly polished aesthetics and prints simulating the look of brick, wood and stone.
  2. Wide range of colours

    Artevia Colour contains an integral colour pigment which is UV stable meaning that the colour will not degrade from natural sunlight. Also because we use a liquid pigment, the colour is evenly mixed throughout the concrete.
  3. Flexibility

    As we design your mix to suit the application we can ensure that the right solution is used. Depending on the application Artevia can prove to be an easier and quicker to lay product.
  4. Easy to lay

    Artevia concrete is as simple to lay as conventional concrete.
  5. Highly durable

    As Artevia colour is integral to the mix it is a long lasting and frost-resistant solution, requiring little on-going maintenance making it a more sustainable long term solution.

Product range

  1. Artevia Exposed

    A robust exterior concrete with a graveled finish
  2. Artevia Colour

    A collection of concretes in a wide palette of colours
  3. Artevia Print

    A lifelike range of textural pavements, stone and natural effect finishes
  4. Artevia Polish

    A smoot texture like polished marble for use indoors and outdoors
  5. Artevia Stone

    This looks and feels like natural stone in every detail

Case studies


Artevia - Polished floors, Lincolnshire

Lafarge Tarmac experts recommended the use of Artevia Polish for the coloured floor to achieve the desired colouring and high quality finish.


Artevia Exposed - BMX Velodrome, Manchester

The BMX Velodrome was one of the leading training grounds for the 2012 Olympic cyclists. The landscape architect wanted a colour that would also be different to the normal hard landscape that is so common for pavements in city centres.


Artevia Colour - South Shields Promenade

As a key component of the massive £2 million regeneration project along Sandhaven Beach, the Lafarge Tarmac team were tasked to rejuvenate the prestigious South Shields Promenade.


Artevia Colour - St. Clare's Convent, Derbyshire

Lafarge Tarmac was tasked by St. Clare’s Convent with supplying a coloured concrete for their proposed exterior labyrinth. The octagon-shaped concrete slab would measure 18m across, meaning the traditional method of using colour hardeners would be inappropriate.


Artevia Colour - The Dream

Evans Concrete was responsible for fabricating ‘Dream’ – a striking 20m high sculpture portraying the head of a girl with her eyes closed.The high level of technical expertise and creative blend of materials resulted in a stunning, almost luminescent, white marble finish which brought the design to life and provided a poignant contrast to the black coal buried beneath it.


Artevia Exposed - East Park Water Feature, Hull

Hull City Council architects wanted a decorative aggregate for a water feature in the city’s East Park.The contractor laid over 400m3 of Artevia Exposed concrete to provide an undulating feature with a natural appearance.

BIM object

Click to download our BIM object for Artevia. For more information or to make it specific for your project contact

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